Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
39 An Optimistic Theory of Exhaustible Resources. Smith, Vernon L.
38 Factor Bias and Innovations: A Microeconomic Approach. Montgomery, W. D.
Quirk, James P.
37 Economics of the Primitive Hunter Culture with Applications to Pleistocene Extinction and the Rise of Agriculture. Smith, Vernon L.
36 Historical Change in House Turnover. Fiorina, Morris P.
Rohde, D.
Wissel, P. A.
35 On Game Solutions and Revealed Preference Theory. Plott, Charles R. 02/01/1974
34 Rural Development in Kasumpa Village, Zambia. Bates, Robert H.
33 Observations on a Distributive Theory of Policy Making: Two American Expenditure Programs Compared. Ferejohn, John A.
Rundquist, B. S.
32 More on Partisan Loyalty and the Six Component Model. Fiorina, Morris P.
31 The National Research Fund: A Case Study in the Theory of Economic Institutions and Industrial Financing of Academic Science. Davis, Lance E.
Kevles, Daniel J.
30 A Note on Conference Committee Decision- Making. Ferejohn, John A.
29 The Policy Origins of Migration in Zambia. Bates, Robert H.
28 Determinants of Real Estate Values. Grether, David M.
Mieszkowski, Peter
27 On the Use of Ordinal Data in Regression Analysis. Grether, David M.
26 The Menu of Technology. Klein, Burton H.
Coltri, Alan
25 On a Class of Rational Social Decision Procedures. Ferejohn, John A.
Grether, David M.
24 Artificial Markets which Avoid Nonconvexity. Montgomery, W. D.
23 An Economic Analysis of Team Movements in Professional Sports. Quirk, James P.
22 Determinants of the Rural Exodus in Zambia: A Study of Inter-Censal Migration, 1963-1969. Bates, Robert H.
Bennett, B. W.
21 Notes on Some Literature in Experimental Economics. Smith, Vernon L.
20 Externalities as Commodities: Comment. Page, Talbot
Ferejohn, John A.
19 The Paradox of Not Voting: A Decision Theoretic Analysis. Ferejohn, John A.
Fiorina, Morris P.
18 Electoral Margins, Constituency Influence, and Policy Moderation: A Critical Assessment. Fiorina, Morris P. 05/30/2013
17 A Class of Generalized Metzlerian Matrices. Quirk, James P.
16 Ethnicity and Modernization in Contemporary Africa. Bates, Robert H.
15 The Technology of Public Goods, Externalities, and the Exclusion Principle. Plott, Charles R.
Meyer, R. A.
14 Individual Choice When Objects Have 'Ordinal' Properties. Plott, Charles R.
Little, J. T.
Parks, R. P.
13 Hicksian Stability and Walras' Law. Habibagahi, H.
Quirk, James P.
12 Representatives and Their Constituencies: A Decision Theoretic Analysis. Fiorina, Morris P.
11 Resource Allocation Information Cost and the Form of Government Intervention. Krier, J. E.
Montgomery, W. D.
10 On the Asymptotic Properties of Some Two-Step Procedures for Estimating Distributed Lag Models. Grether, David M.
Maddala, G. S.
9 Markets in Licenses and Efficient Pollution Control Programs. Montgomery, W. D.
8 Artificial Markets and the Theory of Games. Montgomery, W. D.
7 Optimal Replacement of Consumer Durables. Terasawa, Katsuaki 02/01/1972
6 Errors in Variables and Serially Correlated Disturbances in Distributed Lag Models. Grether, David M.
Maddala, G. S.
5 Rationality and Relevance in Social Choice Theory. Plott, Charles R. 08/01/1971
4 Qualitative Economics & Competitive Equilibrium. Quirk, James P.
3 The Relevance of Social Choice Theory to Models of Economic Policy. Plott, Charles R.
2 Social Choice and Social Rationality. Plott, Charles R.
1 On the Economic Theory of Professional Sports League. El-Hodiri, M.
Quirk, James P.