Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
291 The Effect of and a Test for Misspecification in the Censored-Normal Model. Nelson, Forrest D. 09/01/1979
290 Multiple-Object Discriminatory Auctions with Bidding Constraints: A Game-Theoretic Analysis. Palfrey, Thomas R. 10/01/1979
289 A Dynamic Game of R & D: Patent Protection and Competitive Behavior. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
288 The Roots of Legislator Popularity in Great Britain and the United States. Cain, Bruce E.
Ferejohn, John A.
Fiorina, Morris P.
287 Dynamic Games of Innovation. Reinganum, Jennifer F.
286 The U.S. Productivity Slowdown and Its Relation to the Inflation Problem. Klein, Burton H. 08/01/1979
285 The Social Costs of Monopoly and Regulation: A Game Theoretic Analysis. Rogerson, William P. 09/01/1979
284 Peak Load Pricing: Who Should Pay? Hahn, Robert W. 09/01/1979
283 Speculative Inventory Holding and Price Stability. Rogerson, William P. 08/01/1979
282 In Defense of a Basic Approach. Cass, David 04/11/2011
281 Pre-meeting Discussions and the Possibility of Coalition-Breaking Procedures in Majority Rule Committees. Hoffman, Elizabeth
Plott, Charles R.
280 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: Dynamic Theories and Experimental Results. Plott, Charles R.
Rogerson, William P.
279 Nostre Franceis N'unt Talent de Fuir': The Song of Roland and the Enculturation of a Warrior Class. Benton, John F. 03/11/2010
278 A Kantian Perspective on the Social Rate of Discount. Page, Talbot 03/11/2010
277 The Role of Antitrust in a Deregulated Environment. Braeutigam, Ronald R. 07/01/1979
276 Interest Groups, Parties, and Plural Policy Arenas. Miller, Gary J. 07/01/1979
275 Asset Prices in a Production Economy. Brock, William A. 06/01/1980
274 The Workback Method and the Value of Helium. Braeutigam, Ronald R. 07/01/1979
273 Fuel Cost Adjustment Mechanisms and the Regulated Utility Facing Uncertain Fuel Prices. Isaac, R. Mark 07/01/1979
272 Quantitative Social Scientific History. Kousser, J. Morgan
271 Nonbinary Social Choice: An Impossibility Theorem. Grether, David M.
Plott, Charles R.
270 An Analysis of Fully Distributed Cost Pricing in Regulated Industries. Braeutigam, Ronald R. 06/01/1979
269 Professional Diagnosis Versus Self Diagnosis: An Experimental Examination of Some Special Features of Markets with Uncertainty. Plott, Charles R.
Wilde, Louis L.
268 Money in Consumption-Loan Type Models: An Addendum. Cass, David 06/01/1979
267 Optimal Economic Growth and Turnpike Theorems. McKenzie, Lionel W. 06/01/1979
266 The Effect of Uncertainty in Regulatory Delay on the Rate of Innovation. Braeutigam, Ronald R. 05/01/1979
265 The House Is Not a Home: M.P.'s and Their Constituencies. Cain, Bruce E.
Ferejohn, John A.
Fiorina, Morris P.
264 A Theory of Optimal Agenda Design. McKelvey, Richard D. 05/04/2011
263 Agriculture in Development: A Coalitional Analysis. Bates, Robert H.
Rogerson, William P.
262 An Experimental Examination of Auction Mechanisms for Discrete Public Goods. Ferejohn, John A.
Forsythe, Robert
Noll, Roger G.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
261 Demand Uncertainty and the Regulated Firm. Braeutigam, Ronald R.
Quirk, James P.
260 Experiments on the Core: Some Disconcerting Results for Majority Rule Voting Games. McKelvey, Richard D.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
259 Uncertainty and the Theory of Tax Incidence in a Stock Market Economy. Baron, David P.
Forsythe, Robert
258 Diet as a Factor Affecting Organochlorine Contamination of Breast Milk. Page, Talbot
Balbien, Joel
Harris, Stephanie
257 The Severance Tax as an Instrument of Intertemporal Equity. Page, Talbot 03/10/2011
256 Food Policy in Africa: Political Causes and Social Effects. Bates, Robert H.
255 The Opportunity for Conspiracy in Restraint of Trade: An Experimental Study. Isaac, R. Mark
Plott, Charles R.
254 Jaws I and the Politics of Budgetary Reduction. The City of Pasadena: A Case Study. Balbien, Joel 07/01/1980
253 Price Controls and the Behavior of Auction Markets: An Experimental Examination. Isaac, R. Mark
Plott, Charles R.
252 An Impossibility Theorem for Von Neumann-Morgenstern Solutions. Ferejohn, John A.
McKelvey, Richard D.
251 Petroleum Price Controls When Information Is a Joint Product. Isaac, R. Mark 11/01/1979
250 Ocean Mining Policy: A Dynamic Approach. Klein, Burton H. 02/01/1979
249 The Methodology of Benefit-Cost Analysis with Particular Reference to the CFC Program. Mishan, Ezra
Page, Talbot
248 Keeping Score: An Actuarial Approach to Zero-Infinity Dilemmas. Page, Talbot
247 The Slowdown in Productivity Advances: A Dynamic Explanation. Klein, Burton H. 06/15/2011
246 Some Remarks on Monetary Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model. Brock, William A.
Scheinkman, J. A.
245 Bayes Rule as a Descriptive Model: The Representativeness Heuristic. Grether, David M.
244 Short and Long-Term Effects of Economic Conditions on Individual Voting Decisions. Fiorina, Morris P. 04/13/2011
243 A Support Price Theorem for the Continuous Time Model of Capital Accumulation. Takekuma, Shin-Ichi 01/01/1979
242 The Role of Money in Supporting the Pareto Optimality of Competitive Equilibrium in Consumption-Loan Type Models. Cass, David
Okuno, Masahiro
Zilcha, Itzhak