Working Papers

# Title Authors Created
901 Rational Voters and Strategic Voting: Evidence from the 1968, 1980, and 1992 Elections Ordeshook, Peter C.
Zeng, Langche
900 No paper produced 07/17/2013
899 Perception and Projection in Voters' Survey Responses Fey, Mark 09/01/1994
898 Congressional Committees and the Political Economy of Federal Outlays Alvarez, R. Michael
Saving, Jason
897 A Core-Theoretic Solution for the Design of Cooperative Agreements on Transfrontier Pollution Chander, Parkash
Tulkens, Henry
896 First Best Bayesian Privatization Mechanisms Dudek, Maciej K.
Kim, Taesung
Ledyard, John O.
895 Subcomponent Innovation and Moral Hazard: Where Technological Progress Meets the Division of Labor Polk, Charles W. 07/01/1994
894 Alliances Versus Federations: An Analysis with Military and Economic Capabilities Distinguished Niou, Emerson M. S.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
893 Institutions and Incentives: The Prospects for Russian Democracy Ordeshook, Peter C. 06/01/1994
892 An Experimental Analysis of the Two-Armed Bandit Program Banks, Jeffrey S.
Olson, Mark
Porter, David P.
890 Welfare Magnets, The Labor-Leisure Decision and Economic Efficiency Saving, Jason 06/01/1994
889 Human Capital and Legislative Outcomes Saving, Jason 06/01/1994
888 If Hamilton and Madison Were Merely Lucky, What Hope Is There for Russian Federalism? Ordeshook, Peter C.
Shvetsova, Olga V.
887 A Binary Conflict Ascending Price (BICAP) Mechanism for the Decentralized Allocation of the Right to Use Railroad Tracks Brewer, Paul J.
Plott, Charles R.
886 The Core of an Economy With Multilateral Environmental Externalities Chander, Parkash
Tulkens, Henry
885 A Bottom-Up Efficient Algorithm for Allocating Public Projects with Positive Complementarities Page, Scott E. 05/01/1994
884 Economical Experiments: Bayesian Efficient Experimental Design El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
883 Quantal Response Equilibria For Normal Form Games McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
881 Equilibria with Unrestricted Entry in Multi Member District Plurality (SNTV) Elections Shvetsova, Olga V. 03/01/1994
880 Equilibria with Unrestricted Entry in Multi Member District Plurality (SNTV) Elections Shvetsova, Olga V. 03/01/1994
879 In or Out?: Centralization by Majority Vote Crémer, Jacques
Palfrey, Thomas R.
878 Change or Continuity in Presidential Politics: A Multinomial Probit Model of Candidate Choice in the 1992 Election Alvarez, R. Michael
Nagler, Jonathan
877 An Experimental Study of Constant-sum Centipede Games Fey, Mark
McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
876 Engodeneity of Alternating Offers in a Bargaining Game McKelvey, Richard D.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
875 Subjective Games and Equilibria Kalai, Ehud
Lehrer, Ehud
874 Using Computerized Exchange Systems to Solve an Allocation Problem in Project Management Ledyard, John O.
Porter, David P.
Rangel, Antonio
872 Covers Page, Scott E. 12/01/1993
871 Political Parties and Electoral Landscapes Kollman, Ken
Miller, John H.
Page, Scott E.
870 The Spatial Analysis of Elections and Committees: Four Decades of Research Ordeshook, Peter C. 10/01/1993
869 Notes on Constitutional Change in the ROC: Presidential versus Parliamentary Government Niou, Emerson M. S.
Ordeshook, Peter C.
868 Competitive Solutions and Uniform Competitive Solutions for Cooperative Games Stefanescu, Anton 10/01/1993
867 The Groves-Ledyard Mechanism: An Experimental Study of Institutional Design Chen, Yan
Plott, Charles R.
866 Market Architectures, Institutional Landscapes and Testbed Experiments Plott, Charles R.
865 The Maximal Number of Regular Totally Mixed Nash Equilibria McKelvey, Richard D.
McLennan, Andrew
864 Altruism, Reputation, and Noise in Linear Public Goods Experiments Palfrey, Thomas R.
Prisbrey, Jeffrey E.
863 EPA's New Emissions Trading Mechanism: A Laboratory Evaluation Cason, Timothy N.
Plott, Charles R.
862 Rational Individual Behavior in Markets and Social Choice Processes Plott, Charles R. 12/01/1993
861 Public Goods: A Survey of Experimental Research Ledyard, John O.
860 When Core Beliefs Collide: Conflict, Complexity, or Just Plain Confusion? Alvarez, R. Michael
Brehm, John
859 Constitutional Secession Clauses Chen, Yan
Ordeshook, Peter C.
858 Functional Voting Operators: The Non-Monotonic Case Aleskerov, Fuad
Duggan, John
857 The Bayesian Voter: The Dynamics of Information and Learning in a Presidential Election Campaign Alvarez, R. Michael 08/01/1993
856 Testing Minority Preferences in Broadcasting Dubin, Jeffrey A.
Spitzer, Matthew L.
855 How to Gerrymander: A Formal Analysis Sherstyuk, Katerina 07/01/1993
854 Testing The Mean-Variance Efficiency of Well-Diversified Portfolios in Very Large Cross-Sections Bossaerts, Peter
Hillion, Pierre
853 Are Legislators Afraid of Initiatives? Anticipation and Reaction in the Policy Process Gerber, Elisabeth R. 08/01/1993
852 Intraday Trade in Dealership Markets Bernhardt, Dan
Hughson, Eric
851 The Spending Game: Money, Votes, and Incumbency in Congressional Elections Erikson, Robert S.
Palfrey, Thomas R.
850 Uncovering Behavioral Strategies: Likelihood-Based Experimental Data Mining El-Gamal, Mahmoud A.
Grether, David M.
849 Issues and The Presidential Primary Voter Aldrich, John H.
Alvarez, R. Michael