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Modeling Politics: An Interview With Alexander Hirsch

Kimm Fesenmaier
All those political statements that we, as humans, make? Alexander Hirsch, a new associate professor of political science at Caltech, creates mathematical models to actually test them.

Cake or Carrots? Timing May Decide What You'll Nosh On

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Choosing foods that are good for you may be a matter of getting your brain to focus on nutritional info . . . and quickly.

The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute Sponsors Private Equity Finance Conference

The Linde Institute at Caltech and the USC Marshall School of Business are delighted to announce the first annual Caltech/USC Private Equity Finance Conference.
Linde Institute Logo

Einstein Online: An Interview with Diana Kormos-Buchwald

Kimm Fesenmaier
The Einstein Papers Project at Caltech, the Princeton University Press, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have launched a digital edition of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. We recently spoke with Diana Kormos-Buchwald, director and general editor of the Einstein Papers Project, about the new, free resource.

Jürgen Renn Awarded the 2014 Francis Bacon Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in the History of Science

Jürgen Renn has won the 2014 Francis Bacon Award for his influential studies of structural changes in systems of knowledge.
Jurgen Renn

New Center Supports Data-Driven Research

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
The new Center for Data-Driven Discovery makes advanced computational tools available to researchers from all six Caltech divisions, plus JPL researchers.

Using Simulation and Optimization to Cut Wait Times for Voters

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
By developing a tool to help better prepare polling places, Caltech sophomore Sean McKenna is hoping to minimize the amount of time we spend in line at the polls.

The Risk and Reward of Venture Capital: An Interview with Michael Ewens

Cynthia Eller
Michael Ewens, who recently joined Caltech as associate professor of finance and entrepreneurship, explains how he discovered venture capital through a summer job and shares his ambitions for his future at Caltech.
Michael Ewens Portrait

Finessing Finance

Cynthia Eller
"Everything has a price," the saying goes, and though that might sound cynical, taking the adage seriously can lead to a lifetime of fascinating inquiry. Just ask Richard W. Roll, who recently joined Caltech as the Linde Institute Professor of Finance.
Richard Roll Portrait

Valuable Decisions

Kimm Fesenmaier
Neuroeconomists recognize that while decision making is complex and a bit messy, it is also so central to our daily lives that a better understanding could greatly enhance our grasp of human nature.
image of a man in a bowler hat facing away