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English as a Second Language (ESL) Undergraduate Courses (2017-18)

ESL 101 ab. Oral Communication and Pronunciation. 3 units (3-0-0): first, second terms. Communication and pronunciation in spoken English. Development of pronunciation, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and accuracy and fluency in speaking. Aspects of American culture will be discussed. The first term is required for all first-year international students designated by the ESL screening process. Passing the class is based on attendance and effort. Graded pass/fail. Instructor: Geasland.
ESL 107. Introductory Writing and Oral Presentation. Noncredit: offered by announcement. The exploration of ideas in both oral and written English is crucial in a variety of academic settings. Whether writing a thesis or term paper, undertaking an oral exam, or presenting at a conference or seminar, the organization of ideas is central, of course, but the details of formatting, grammar, logic, word choice and delivery are a close second. This course includes frequent in-class oral presentations by students based on their current research interests, followed by detailed critiques of pronunciation and style and ample opportunity for practice to develop both English confidence and delivery skills. The writing portion of the course includes classroom exercises and editing practice will be based on student writing samples. Here, also, the emphasis will be on content, logic, formatting and grammar, work choices, as well as punctuation. The goals of the course include improvement of confidence and presentation skills, and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely in both oral and written English. Enrollment is limited, with priority given to graduate students. Instructor: Geasland.