Working Papers by Talbot Page

# Title Created
249 The Methodology of Benefit-Cost Analysis with Particular Reference to the CFC Program. 03/10/2011
257 The Severance Tax as an Instrument of Intertemporal Equity. 03/10/2011
368 A Framework for Unreasonable Risk in the Toxic Substances Control Act. 03/10/2011
278 A Kantian Perspective on the Social Rate of Discount. 03/11/2010
196 On the Foundations of Intertemporal Choice. 01/21/2010
230 Removal of Carcinogens from Drinking Water: A Cost-Benefit Analysis. 01/21/2010
462 A Cost-Benefit Approach to Drinking Water and Cancer. 01/21/2010
1035 Status Quo Bias in Bargaining: An extension of the Myerson Satterthwaite Theorem with an application to the Coase Theorem 05/01/1998
1018 An Experimental Study of the Effect of Private Information in the Coase Theorem 09/01/1997
696 Public and Private Information: An Experimental Study of Information Pooling. 04/01/1989
596 Pivot Mechanisms in Probability Revelation. 03/01/1987
590 Responsibility, Liability, and Incentive Compatibility. 11/01/1985
563 Optimal Research for Cournot Oligopolists. 02/01/1985
493 Common Knowledge and Consensus with Aggregate Statistics. 05/01/1984
515 On the Meaning of the Preponderance Test in Judicial Regulation of Chemical Hazard. 02/01/1984
507 A Groves-Like Mechanism in Risk Assessment. 12/01/1983
473 Economics and Risk Assessment. 04/01/1983
474 A Theory of the Choice of Regulatory Form. 04/01/1983
468 Priority Setting for Testing Chemicals. 02/01/1983
389 Intergenerational Justice as Opportunity. 06/01/1982
409 Incentive Compatibility in Risk Assessment Mechanisms. 06/01/1982
258 Diet as a Factor Affecting Organochlorine Contamination of Breast Milk. 04/01/1979
20 Externalities as Commodities: Comment.
198 Generic View of Toxic Chemicals and Similar Risks.
248 Keeping Score: An Actuarial Approach to Zero-Infinity Dilemmas.