Working Papers by Richard D. McKelvey

# Title Created
529 Elections with Limited Information: A Multidimensional Model. 07/22/2011
337 A Ham Sandwich Theorem for General Measures. 06/20/2011
264 A Theory of Optimal Agenda Design. 05/04/2011
260 Experiments on the Core: Some Disconcerting Results for Majority Rule Voting Games. 05/03/2011
252 An Impossibility Theorem for Von Neumann-Morgenstern Solutions. 04/14/2011
1197 Self-correcting Information Cascades 04/01/2004
1034 An Experimental Study of Jury Decisions 03/01/2000
1056 A Theory of Voting in Large Elections 02/01/1999
1035 Status Quo Bias in Bargaining: An extension of the Myerson Satterthwaite Theorem with an application to the Coase Theorem 05/01/1998
1018 An Experimental Study of the Effect of Private Information in the Coase Theorem 09/01/1997
947 Quantal Response Equilibria for Extensive Form Games 12/01/1995
865 The Maximal Number of Regular Totally Mixed Nash Equilibria 07/01/1994
883 Quantal Response Equilibria For Normal Form Games 03/01/1994
876 Engodeneity of Alternating Offers in a Bargaining Game 01/01/1993
757 A Bayesian Sequential Experimental Study of Learning in Games. 08/01/1992
803 Stationarity and Chaos in Infinitely Repeated Games of Incomplete Information 08/01/1992
732 An Experimental Study of the Centipede Game. 08/01/1991
769 Initial Versus Continuing Proposal Power in Legislative Seniority. 07/01/1991
725 Seniority in Legislatures. 04/01/1990
696 Public and Private Information: An Experimental Study of Information Pooling. 04/01/1989
579 Game Forms for Nash Implementation of General Social Choice Correspondences. 08/01/1985
494 Covering, Dominance, and Institution Free Properties of Social Choice. 05/01/1985
563 Optimal Research for Cournot Oligopolists. 02/01/1985
552 Generalized Symmetry Conditions at a Core Point. 01/01/1985
535 Structural Instability of the Core. 11/01/1984
493 Common Knowledge and Consensus with Aggregate Statistics. 05/01/1984
395 Methods for Comparison of Markov Processes by Stochastic Dominance. 07/01/1981
955 A Statistical Theory of Equilibrium in Games
231 Conditions for Voting Equilibria in Continuous Voter Distributions.
991 The Effects of Payoff Magnitude and Heterogeneity on Behavior in 2X2 Games with Unique Mixed Strategy Equilibria
657 A Decade of Experimental Research on Spatial Models of Elections and Committees.
300 Implementation of Democratic Social Choice Functions.
394 Limiting Distributions for Continuous State Markov Voting Models.
780 Political Competition in a Model of Economic Growth; Some Theoretical Results.
434 Elections with Limited Information: A Fulfilled Expectations Model Using Contemporaneous Poll and Endorsement Data as Information Sources.
804 The Holdout Game: An Experimental Study of an Infinitely Repeated Game with Two-Sided Incomplete Information
877 An Experimental Study of Constant-sum Centipede Games
530 Sequential Elections with Limited Information.
953 A Laipunov Function for Nash Equilibria