Working Papers by R. Michael Alvarez

# Title Created
1293 An empirical Bayes approach to estimating ordinal treatment effects 07/01/2008
1287 A Bayesian multinomial probit analysis of voter choice in Chile's 2005 presidential election 12/01/2007
1267 The effect of voter identification laws on turnout 10/01/2007
1115 The Foundations of Latino Voter Partisanship: Evidence from the 2000 Election 03/01/2001
1101 Is There a Gender Gap in Fiscal Political Preferences? 09/01/2000
1103 Aggregation and Dynamics of Survey Responses: The Case of Presidential Approval 09/01/2000
1071 Should I stay or should I go? Sincere and strategic crossover voting in California Assembly Races 10/01/1999
1064 Is the Sleeping Giant Awakening? Latinos and California Politics in the 1990s 05/01/1999
1062 Why Did Proposition 227 Pass? 04/01/1999
1052 Measuring The Relative Impact of Issues and The Econonmy in Democratic Elections 01/01/1999
1046 Gender and Tax 10/01/1998
1042 Uncertainty and Candidate Personality Traits 07/01/1998
1041 Citizenship and Political Representation in Contemporary California 07/01/1998
1020 The Resurgence of Nativism in California? The Case of Proposition 187 and Illegal Immigration 04/01/1998
1033 The Revolution Against Affirmative Action in California: Politics, Economics, and Proposition 209 04/01/1998
1021 Economics, Entitlements and Social Issues: Voter Choice in the 1996 Presidential Election 10/01/1997
1022 Do Voters Learn from Presidential Election Campaigns? 10/01/1997
1023 A New Approach for Modeling Strategic Voting in Multiparty Elections 10/01/1997
1019 Analysis of Crossover and Strategic Voting 09/01/1997
979 Explaining the Gender Gap in U.S. Presidential Elections, 1980-1992 08/01/1996
969 Attitudes, Uncertainty and Survey Responses 05/01/1996
961 Information and American Attitudes Toward Bureaucracy 04/01/1996
959 When Politics and Models Collide: Estimating Models of Multi-Party Elections 03/01/1996
954 Studying Congressional and Gubernatorial Campaigns 02/01/1996
949 Issues, Economics and the Dynamics of Multi-Party Elections: The British 1987 General Election 01/01/1996
950 Survey Measures of Uncertainty: A Report to the National Election Studies Board on the Use of Certainty Questions to Measure Uncertainty About Candidate Traits and Issue Positions 01/01/1996
933 Hamilton's Political Economy and the National Bank 08/01/1995
934 The New Republic and the New Institutionalism: Hamilton's Plan and Extra-Legislative Organization 07/01/1995
935 Are Americans Ambivalent Towards Racial Policies? 07/01/1995
932 The Impact of Primaries on General Election Outcomes in the U.S. House and Senate 06/01/1995
928 Deficits, Democrats, and Distributive Benefits: Congressional Elections and the Pork Barrel in the 1980s 05/01/1995
922 The Dynamics of Issue Emphasis: Campaign Strategy and Media Coverage in Statewide Races 04/01/1995
898 Congressional Committees and the Political Economy of Federal Outlays 01/01/1995
914 Correlated Disturbances in Discrete Choice Models: A Comparison of Multinomial Probit Models and Logit Models 12/01/1994
905 Two-Stage Estimation of Non-Recursive Choice Models 10/01/1994
902 Voter Choice in 1992: Economics, Issues, and Anger 09/01/1994
878 Change or Continuity in Presidential Politics: A Multinomial Probit Model of Candidate Choice in the 1992 Election 01/01/1994
857 The Bayesian Voter: The Dynamics of Information and Learning in a Presidential Election Campaign 08/01/1993
860 When Core Beliefs Collide: Conflict, Complexity, or Just Plain Confusion? 08/01/1993
848 Government Partisanship, Labor Organization and Macroeconomic Performance: A Corrigendum 05/01/1993
849 Issues and The Presidential Primary Voter 05/01/1993
844 Uncertainty and Political Perceptions 04/01/1993
845 Policy Moderation or Conflicting Expectations? Testing and Intentional Models of Split-Ticket Voting 04/01/1993
841 Perception and Misperception: Constituent Knowledge of Their Representative's Persian Gulf War Vote 03/01/1993