Working Papers by Quang H. Vuong

# Title Created
652 Cramer-Rao Bounds for Misspecified Models. 10/01/1986
605 Likelihood Ratio Tests for Model Selection and Non-Nested Hypotheses. 03/01/1986
606 Selecting the Best Linear Regression Model: A Classical Approach. 03/01/1986
607 Generalized Inverses and Asymptotic Properties of Wald Tests. 03/01/1986
577 Econometric Modeling of a Stackelberg Game with an Application to Labor Force Participation. 07/01/1985
578 Parameterization and Two-Stage Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation. 07/01/1985
539 Limited Information Estimators and Exogeneity Tests for Simultaneous Probit Models. 11/01/1984
576 A Note on the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives in Probabilistic Choice Models. 11/01/1984
537 Simultaneous Equations Models for Dummy Endogenous Variables: A Game Theoretic Formulation with an Application to Labor Force Participation. 07/01/1984
538 Two-Stage Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Econometric Models. 07/01/1984
502 Disequilibrium Econometrics on Micro Data. 01/01/1984
503 Misspecification and Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation. 11/01/1983
501 Tests of Non-Causality Under Markov Assumptions for Qualitative Panel Data. 10/01/1983
442 An Empirical Analysis of Backlog, Inventory, Production and Price Adjustments: An Application of Recursive Systems of Log-Linear Models. 01/01/1983
443 Probability Feedback in a Recursive System of Probability Models. 09/01/1982
444 Probability Feedback in a Recursive System of Logit Models: Estimation. 09/01/1982
654 A Comparison of Two Consistent Estimators in the Choice-Based Sampling Qualitative Response Model.
650 A Study of Zero-Out Auctions: Testbed Experiments of a Process of Allocating Private Rights to the Use of Public Property.