Working Papers by Peter C. Ordeshook

# Title Created
529 Elections with Limited Information: A Multidimensional Model. 07/22/2011
260 Experiments on the Core: Some Disconcerting Results for Majority Rule Voting Games. 05/03/2011
1013 Party Fragmentation and Presidential Elections in Post-Communist Democracies 07/01/1997
963 Fraud or Fiction: Who Stole What in Russia's December 1993 Elections 04/01/1996
962 Russia's Party System: Is Russian Federalism Viable? 04/01/1996
888 If Hamilton and Madison Were Merely Lucky, What Hope Is There for Russian Federalism? 04/01/1995
924 Constitutions for New Democracies: Reflections of Turmoil or Agents of Stability? 04/01/1995
901 Rational Voters and Strategic Voting: Evidence from the 1968, 1980, and 1992 Elections 09/01/1994
894 Alliances Versus Federations: An Analysis with Military and Economic Capabilities Distinguished 07/01/1994
893 Institutions and Incentives: The Prospects for Russian Democracy 06/01/1994
869 Notes on Constitutional Change in the ROC: Presidential versus Parliamentary Government 10/01/1993
870 The Spatial Analysis of Elections and Committees: Four Decades of Research 10/01/1993
859 Constitutional Secession Clauses 08/01/1993
846 A Draft Constitution for the Russian Federation 04/01/1993
847 Veto Games: Spatial Committees Under Unanimity Rule 04/01/1993
837 Russia's Transition to Democracy: Essays 11-18 02/01/1993
826 Russia's Transition to Democracy: Essays 1-10 12/01/1992
815 Less Filling, Tastes Great: The Realist-Neoliberal Debate 10/01/1992
809 Ethnic Heterogeneity, District Magnitude, and the Number of Parties 09/01/1992
779 Constitutional Stability. 10/01/1991
772 Some Properties of Hare Voting with Strategic Voters. 09/01/1991
761 Alliances in Anarchic International Systems. 05/01/1991
762 The Development of Contemporary Political Theory. 05/01/1991
738 A Game-Theoretic Interpretation of Sun Tzu's the Art of War. 05/01/1990
709 Realism Versus Neoliberalism: A Formulation. 12/01/1989
700 Conflict and Stability in Anarchic International Systems. 05/01/1989
660 The Geographical Imperatives of the Balance of Power in 3-Country Systems. 11/01/1987
231 Conditions for Voting Equilibria in Continuous Voter Distributions.
434 Elections with Limited Information: A Fulfilled Expectations Model Using Contemporaneous Poll and Endorsement Data as Information Sources.
530 Sequential Elections with Limited Information.
618 Agendas, Strategic Voting, and Signaling with Incomplete Information.
655 The Reintegration of Political Science and Economics and the Presumed Imperialism of Economic Theory.
657 A Decade of Experimental Research on Spatial Models of Elections and Committees.
668 The Rationality Uninformed Electorate: Some Experimental Evidence.