Postdoctoral Position for fMRI Data Analysis

We invite applicants with strong expertise in machine learning and functional connectivity analysis of resting-state fMRI data to apply for a postdoctoral position in Caltech's NIH Conte Center for the Neurobiology of Social Decision-Making. The research will be in a highly collaborative environment and include exploration of multimodal data encompassing rs-fMRI, structural MRI, psychological assessments, eyetracking data, as well as lesion data and intracranial electrophysiology, with the overall aim to investigate the neural underpinnings of individual differences. Candidates should have a recent PhD in systems, cognitive, or computational neuroscience with a track-record of first-author publications. Strong programming skills (using Matlab or Python), data handling skills, statistical literacy and fMRI software expertise (Freesurfer, AFNI/FSL/SPM, Connectome Workbench) are essential. 

Applicants should submit a CV, including a list of publications, a brief description of research interests and analysis skills, and a list of three references to Ralph Adolphs at