Working Papers by Morris P. Fiorina

# Title Created
18 Electoral Margins, Constituency Influence, and Policy Moderation: A Critical Assessment. 05/30/2013
182 Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy: A Mismatch of Incentives and Capabilities. 05/30/2013
100 The Case of the Vanishing Marginals: The Bureaucracy Did It. 05/30/2013
344 Some Problems in Studying the Effects of Resource Allocation in Congressional Elections. 06/21/2011
265 The House Is Not a Home: M.P.'s and Their Constituencies. 05/04/2011
244 Short and Long-Term Effects of Economic Conditions on Individual Voting Decisions. 04/13/2011
206 Toward a Theory of Legislative Decision. 03/21/2011
387 Legislative Choice of Regulatory Forms: Legal Process or Administrative Process? 01/21/2010
475 The Images of Incumbents in Great Britain and the United States. 04/01/1983
438 Group Concentration and the Delegation of Legislative Authority. 08/01/1982
435 Who is Held Responsible? Further Evidence on the Hibbing-Alford Thesis. 07/01/1982
422 Bureaucratic (?) Failures: Causes and Cures. 04/01/1982
384 Congressmen and Their Constituents: 1958 and 1978. 04/01/1981
359 Casework Service in Great Britain and the United States. 11/01/1980
288 The Roots of Legislator Popularity in Great Britain and the United States. 10/01/1979
89 Axiomatic models of risk and decision: An expository treatment 07/01/1975
12 Representatives and Their Constituencies: A Decision Theoretic Analysis.
158 Majority Rule Models and Legislative Elections.
159 Voters, Bureaucrats and Legislators: A Rational Choice Perspective on the Growth of Bureaucracy.
19 The Paradox of Not Voting: A Decision Theoretic Analysis.
439 The Constituency Service Basis of the Personal Vote for U.S. Representatives and British MPs.
32 More on Partisan Loyalty and the Six Component Model.
194 Voters, Legislators and Bureaucracy: Institutional Design in the Public Sector.
36 Historical Change in House Turnover.
202 A Nonequilibrium Approach to Legislative Decision Theory.
45 Constituency Influence: A Generalized Model and its Implications for Statistical Studies of Roll-Call Behavior.
226 Universalism, Reciprocity and Distributive Policy-Making in Majority Rule Institutions.
46 The Voting Decision: Instrumental and Expressive Aspects.
52 Formal Models in Political Science.
53 To p or not to p.
70 Purposive Models of Legislative Behavior.
320 The Decline of Collective Responsibility in American Politics.
98 An Outline for a Model of Party Choic
99 Economic Retrospective Voting in American National Elections: A Microanalysis.
364 Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and the General Possibility of a Science of Politics.
101 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: An Experimental Study.
138 Candidate Preference Under Uncertainty: An Expanded View of Rational Voting.