Working Papers by Louis L. Wilde

# Title Created
574 The Economics of Tax Compliance: Fact and Fantasy. 07/15/2011
445 Product quality and imperfect information (original title "Consumer Markets for Warranties"). 07/07/2011
403 Imperfect Information and Monopolistic Competition. 06/29/2011
381 Competitive Equilibria in Markets for Heterogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information: A Theoretical Analysis with Policy Implications. 06/28/2011
386 A Generalized Model of Pricing for Homogeneous Goods Under Imperfect Information. 06/28/2011
314 Two Essays in the Philosophy of Economics. 06/20/2011
306 Information Costs, Duration of Search and Turnover: Theory and Applications. 06/15/2011
153 Labor Market Equilibrium Under Non-sequential Search. 01/21/2010
791 A General Characterization of Optimal Income Taxation and Enforcement. 01/01/1994
768 The Use and Misuse of Surveys in Economic Analysis: Natural Resource Damage Assessment Under CERCLA. 07/01/1991
753 Welfare Economics for Tobit Models. 01/01/1991
743 Criminal Choice, Nonmonetary Sanctions, and Marginal Deterrence: A Normative Analysis. 07/01/1990
744 Equilibrium Enforcement and Compliance in the Presence of Tax Practitioners. 07/01/1990
711 The Effect of Audit Rates on Federal Income Tax Filings and Collections, 1977-1986. 12/01/1989
712 State Income Tax Amnesties 1: Causes. 12/01/1989
714 The Demand for Tax Return Preparation Services. 12/01/1989
716 The Changing Face of Tax Enforcement, 1978-1988. 12/01/1989
710 Expert Opinions and Taxpayer Comnpliance: A Strategic Analysis. 11/01/1989
638 The Effect of Tax and Audit Rates on Compliance with the Federal Income Tax, 1977-85. 04/01/1987
604 Credibility and Law Enforcement. 04/01/1986
584 Equilibrium Search Models as Simultaneous Move Games. 10/01/1985
564 Settlement and Litigation Under Alternative Legal Systems. 03/01/1985
520 A Model of Tax Compliance Under Budget-Constrained Auditors. 11/01/1984
506 An Equilibrium Model of Tax Compliance with a Bayesian Auditor and some 'Honest' Taxpayers. 06/01/1984
525 Sequential Equilibrium Detection and Reporting Policies in a Model of Tax Evasion. 06/01/1984
477 The Economics of Income Taxation: Compliance in a Principal-Agent Framework. 07/01/1983
480 Imperfect Information in Markets for Contract Terms: The Examples of Warranties and Security Interests. 06/01/1983
478 Consumer Behavior and Belated Information: The Case of Uncertain Tastes. 05/01/1983
452 A Dynamic Model of Targeting in R & D Contracts. 12/01/1982
425 Optimal and Nonoptimal Satisficing II: An Experimental Analysis. 08/01/1982
363 Optimal and Nonoptimal Satisficing I: A Model of 'Satisfactory' Choice. 08/01/1982
352 Toward a Theory of Professional Diagnosis and Service: Consumer Behavior. 09/01/1980
133 Market Search Models: A Selective Survey. 06/01/1976
146 On the Formal Theory of Inspection and Evaluation in Product Markets.
615 An Empirical Analysis of Federal Income Tax Auditing and Compliance.
150 An Information-Theoretic Approach to Job Quits.
626 Are we a Nation of Tax Cheaters? New Econometric Evidence on Tax Compliance.
184 Equilibrium Comparison Shopping.
459 Consumer Choice and Information: New Experimental Evidence on the Information Overload Hypothesis.
689 The Report of the United States to the International Fiscal Association on the Costs of Tax Administration and Compliance.
229 Consumer Behavior Under Imperfect Information: A Review of Psychological and Marketing Research as It Relates to Economic Theory.
235 Intervening in Markets on the Basis of Imperfect Information: A Legal and Economic Analysis.
239 Market Structure and Innovation: A Reformulation.
269 Professional Diagnosis Versus Self Diagnosis: An Experimental Examination of Some Special Features of Markets with Uncertainty.
511 Uncertainty and Shopping Behavior: An Experimental Analysis.
339 A Formal Model of Government Sponsored Research (with Applications to Solar Power Systems).
589 The Tax Compliance Game: Toward an Interactive Theory of Law Enforcement.