Working Papers by Jonathan N. Katz

# Title Created
1387 Scheduling Auctions and Proto-Parties in Legislatures 07/21/2014
1351 What's age got to do with it? Supreme Court appointees and the long run location of the Supreme Court median justice 08/29/2011
1294 Correcting for survey misreports using auxiliary information with an application to estimating turnout 07/01/2009
1304 Modeling dynamics in time-series-cross-section political economy data 06/01/2009
1293 An empirical Bayes approach to estimating ordinal treatment effects 07/01/2008
1267 The effect of voter identification laws on turnout 10/01/2007
1266 Auctioning off the agenda: Bargaining in legislatures with endogenous scheduling 03/01/2007
1205 Random Coefficient models for time-series-cross-section data 09/01/2004
1158 Gerrymandering Roll-Calls: Votes, Decisions, and Partisan bias in Congress, 1879-2000 09/01/2003
1133 Standard Voting Power Indexes Don't Work: An Empirical Analysis 10/01/2002
1141 The Mathematics and Statistics of Voting Power 10/01/2002
1134 Empirically Evaluating the Electoral College 05/01/2002
1121 How Much does a Vote Count? Voting Power, Coalitions, and the Electoral College 05/01/2001
1111 An Improved Statistical Model for Multiparty Electoral Data 02/01/2001
1106 Indecision Theory: Explaining Selective Abstention in Multiple Elections 11/01/2000
1103 Aggregation and Dynamics of Survey Responses: The Case of Presidential Approval 09/01/2000
1090 Throwing out the Baby with the Bath Water: A Comment on Green, Yoon and Kim 05/01/2000
1091 Post-Stratification without Population Level Information on the Post-Stratifying Variable, with Application to Political Polling. 05/01/2000
1017 Beyond Ordinary Logit: Taking Time Seriously in Binary Time-Series-Cross-Section Models 08/01/1997
1011 The Reapportionment Revolution and Bias in U.S. Congressional Elections 07/01/1997
1005 A Statistical Model for Multiparty Electoral Data 05/01/1997
939 Why Did The Incumbency Advantage In U.S. House Elections Grow? 09/01/1995
848 Government Partisanship, Labor Organization and Macroeconomic Performance: A Corrigendum 05/01/1993