Working Papers by John O. Ledyard

# Title Created
1438 Design of Tradable Permit Programs under Imprecise Measurement 03/20/2018
1437 Learning to Alternate 02/23/2018
1424 ACE: A Combinatorial Market Mechanism 11/03/2016
680 Allocating Uncertain and Unresponsive Resources. 08/15/2013
187 Incentive Compatibility and Incomplete Information. 01/21/2010
917 The Allocation of a Shared Resource Within an Organization 01/21/2010
1301 Market design for fishery IFQ programs 04/01/2009
1186 A general characterization of interim efficient mechanisms for independent linear environments 11/01/2003
1092 The Approximation of Efficient Public Good Mechanisms by Simple Voting Schemes. 10/01/2000
1095 Inducing Liquidity In Thin Financial Markets Through Combined-Value Trading Mechanisms. 08/01/2000
1093 The First Use of a Combined Value Auction for Transportation Services. 03/01/2000
1094 Experimental Testbedding of a Pollution Trading System: Southern California's Reclaim Emmissions Market. 03/01/2000
1045 The Design of Multi-Object Multi-Round Auction 11/01/1998
1054 A New and Improved Design For Multi-Object Iterative Auctions 11/01/1998
916 Mutually Destructive Bidding: The FCC Auction Design Problem 06/01/1998
1027 Repeated Implementation 04/01/1997
978 The Results of Some Tests of Mechanism Designs for the Allocation and Pricing of Collections of Heterogeneous 03/01/1996
956 Interim Efficiency in a Public Goods Problem 02/01/1996
896 First Best Bayesian Privatization Mechanisms 04/01/1995
648 The Design of Mechanisms to Allocate Space Station Resources. 06/01/1987
203 The Existence of Efficient and Incentive Compatible Equilibria with Public Goods. 03/01/1978
874 Using Computerized Exchange Systems to Solve an Allocation Problem in Project Management
224 The Paradox of Voting and Candidate Competition: A General Equilibrium Analysis.
532 The Scope of the Hypothesis of Bayesian Equilibrium.
611 Theories of Price Formation and Exchange in Double Oral Auctions.
617 The Economics of Space Station.
622 Incentive Compatibility.
623 Market Failure.
685 Information Aggregation in Two-Candidate Elections.
717 Voting and Lottery Drafts as Efficient Public Goods Mechanisms.
780 Political Competition in a Model of Economic Growth; Some Theoretical Results.
836 The Design of Coordination Mechanisms and Organizational Computing
838 Designing Organizations for Trading Pollution Rights
861 Public Goods: A Survey of Experimental Research