Working Papers by John A. Ferejohn

# Title Created
265 The House Is Not a Home: M.P.'s and Their Constituencies. 05/04/2011
252 An Impossibility Theorem for Von Neumann-Morgenstern Solutions. 04/14/2011
168 Representations of Binary Decision Rules by Generalized Decisiveness Structures. 04/13/2011
214 Continuous-Valued Binary Decision Procedures. 04/08/2011
210 On the Properties of Stable Decision Procedures. 04/04/2011
206 Toward a Theory of Legislative Decision. 03/21/2011
170 A Comparison of Party Identification in Great Britain and the United States. 01/21/2010
196 On the Foundations of Intertemporal Choice. 01/21/2010
572 Reconciliation and the Size of the Budget. 05/01/1985
475 The Images of Incumbents in Great Britain and the United States. 04/01/1983
341 Continuous Social Decision Procedures. 01/01/1981
343 Presidential Coattails in Historical Perspective. 01/01/1981
359 Casework Service in Great Britain and the United States. 11/01/1980
288 The Roots of Legislator Popularity in Great Britain and the United States. 10/01/1979
154 Implementing Planning Procedures for the Provision of the Discrete Public Goods. 03/01/1977
77 Sophisticated Voting with Separable Preferences. 03/01/1975
41 Sour Notes on the Theory of Vote Trading. 06/01/1974
124 Some New Impossibility Theorems.
300 Implementation of Democratic Social Choice Functions.
19 The Paradox of Not Voting: A Decision Theoretic Analysis.
145 The Distribution of Rights in Society.
20 Externalities as Commodities: Comment.
25 On a Class of Rational Social Decision Procedures.
155 An Experimental Analysis of Decision-Making Procedures for Discrete Public Goods: A Case Study of a Problem in Institutional Design.
30 A Note on Conference Committee Decision- Making.
394 Limiting Distributions for Continuous State Markov Voting Models.
33 Observations on a Distributive Theory of Policy Making: Two American Expenditure Programs Compared.
439 The Constituency Service Basis of the Personal Vote for U.S. Representatives and British MPs.
53 To p or not to p.
202 A Nonequilibrium Approach to Legislative Decision Theory.
56 Patent Policy, Technological Innovation and Government Contracts: A Selective Critique.
70 Purposive Models of Legislative Behavior.
207 Practical Aspects of the Construction of Decentralized Decisionmaking Systems for Public Goods.
75 Public Opinion Polls, Candidate Uncertainty and Electoral Competition.
78 On the Effects of Aid to Nations in Arms Races.
80 On Normative Problems of Social Choice.
262 An Experimental Examination of Auction Mechanisms for Discrete Public Goods.
81 Deep Vote: Change in Voting Behavior in Congressional Elections.
106 An Experimental Market for Public Goods: The PBS Station Program Cooperative.
117 Decisive Coalitions in the Theory of Social Choice.