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Below is information on the candidates who are on the market in the current academic year. Click on a candidate's name to link to that person's profile with more detailed information, including curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, and teaching and research interests. For placement history of graduates of the HSS PhD programs, please see the social science alumni listings page.

Please contact the appropriate individual, listed above, with any questions.

Graduate Students


Mayskaya, Tatiana

Ph.D. Candidate
Job Market Paper - Dynamic Choice of Information Sources
Advisors:  F. Echenique (Chair), M. Agranov, J. Cvitanic, B. Gillen and A. Hirsch

Rosado Buenfil, Welmar

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science and Economics
Job Market Paper - Political Credit Rating Cycles: Evidence from Gubernatorial Elections in Mexico
Advisors:  D. R. Kiewiet (Chair), R. M. Alvarez, A. Hirsch, and M. Ewens

Song, Li

Ph.D. Candidate
Job Market Paper - An Optimal Grant Issuing Mechanism
Advisors:  L. Yariv (Chair), B. Gillen, J. Ledyard, and C. Plott


Song, Myungkoo

Ph.D. Candidate
Job Market Paper: A Hybrid Incentive Scheme: Promotion beyond Pay for Performance
Advisors:  J. Cvitanic (Chair), M. Ewens, L. Jin and O. Tamuz

Zhang, Jun

Ph.D. Candidate
Job Market Paper:  Level-k Reasoning in School Choice
Advisors:  F. Echenique (Chair), K. Border, M. Shum, and L. Yariv

Postdoctoral Scholars


Bushong, Ben

Postdoctoral Scholar
Dissertation title:  Essays in Behavioral and Neuroeconomics
Job Market paper: Misattribution of Reference Dependence: Evidence from Real-Effort Experiments
References:  A. Rangel, M. Rabin, and J. Schwartzstein

Dianat, Ahrash

Postdoctoral Scholar
Dissertation title: Essays on Strategic Behavior and Equilibrium Selection in Two-Sided Matching Markets
Job Market paper:  Equilibrium Selection in the Stable Marriage Problem: Experimental Evidence
References:  M. Agranov, M. Castillo, R. Petrie, and L. Yariv


Imai, Taisuke

Postdoctoral Scholar
Dissertation title: Essays in Revealed Preference Theory and Behavioral Economics
Job Market paper:  Estimating Time Preferences from Budget Set Choices Using Optimal Adaptive Design
References: C. Camerer, F. Echenique, and K. Saito

Kim, Duk Gyoo

Postdoctoral Scholar
Dissertation title:  Essays in Applied Economics with Experimental Evidence
Job Market papers: "One Bite at the Apple":  Legislative Bargaining without Replacement / The Cycle-Stationary Subgame Perfect Equilibrium in Legislative Bargaining without Replacement
References:  T. Palfrey, S. Coate, and Robert H Frank

Kovach, Matthew

Visiting Assistant Professor, ITAM and CIE
Dissertation title:  Essays in Behavioral Decision Theory
Job Market paper: Thinking Inside the Box: Status Quo Bias and Stochastic Consideration
References:  Federico Echenique, Pietro Ortoleva, Kota Saito and Leeat Yariv

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