Working Papers by Jennifer F. Reinganum

# Title Created
413 Nash Equilibrium Search for the Best Alternative. 06/30/2011
377 Oligopoly Extraction of a Nonrenewable Common Property Resource: The Importance of the Period of Commitment in Dynamic Games. 06/22/2011
353 Strategic Search Theory. 06/21/2011
302 Strategic Lobbying Behavior. 06/15/2011
744 Equilibrium Enforcement and Compliance in the Presence of Tax Practitioners. 07/01/1990
710 Expert Opinions and Taxpayer Comnpliance: A Strategic Analysis. 11/01/1989
616 Plea Bargaining and Prosecutorial Discretion. 10/01/1986
604 Credibility and Law Enforcement. 04/01/1986
564 Settlement and Litigation Under Alternative Legal Systems. 03/01/1985
520 A Model of Tax Compliance Under Budget-Constrained Auditors. 11/01/1984
506 An Equilibrium Model of Tax Compliance with a Bayesian Auditor and some 'Honest' Taxpayers. 06/01/1984
525 Sequential Equilibrium Detection and Reporting Policies in a Model of Tax Evasion. 06/01/1984
504 Practical Implications of Game Theoretic Models of R and D. 12/01/1983
455 Research and Development with a Generalized Hazard Function. 09/01/1983
477 The Economics of Income Taxation: Compliance in a Principal-Agent Framework. 07/01/1983
479 A Two-Stage Model of Research and Development With Endogenous Second Mover Advantages. 06/01/1983
431 Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly. 06/01/1982
407 Technology Adoption Under Imperfect Information. 11/01/1981
297 A Note on Rational Threats and Competitive Equilibrium. 06/01/1980
287 Dynamic Games of Innovation.
289 A Dynamic Game of R & D: Patent Protection and Competitive Behavior.
312 On the Diffusion of New Technology: A Game Theoretic Approach.
333 A Class of Differential Games Where the Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Nash Equilibria Coincide.
589 The Tax Compliance Game: Toward an Interactive Theory of Law Enforcement.
360 Market Structure and the Diffusion of New Technology.
426 Innovation and Industry Evolution.