Working Papers by James P. Quirk

# Title Created
55 Tax Writeoffs and the Value of Sports Teams. 05/30/2013
228 Water Law, Water Transfers and Economic Efficiency: The Colorado River. 04/08/2011
165 Water Rights and Optimal Reservoir Management. 01/21/2010
454 Consumer Surplus Under Uncertainty: An Application to Dam-Reservoir Projects. 02/01/1985
553 Hedging as 'Speculation on the Basis. 12/01/1984
544 Asymmetric Arbitrage and the Pattern of Futures Prices. 09/01/1984
512 The Winner's Curse and Cost Estimation Bias in Pioneer Projects. Published as "Sample selection and 04/01/1984
508 Turbulence, Cost Escalation, and Capital Intensity Bias in Defense Contracting. 03/01/1984
467 Asymmetric Arbitrage and Normal Backwardation. 02/01/1983
361 Divergent Expectations, R & D Expenditures and Technical Progress. 04/01/1981
366 The Economics of Boxing Regulation in California. 01/01/1981
365 Ex Ante Optimality and Spot Market Economies. 12/01/1980
261 Demand Uncertainty and the Regulated Firm. 04/01/1979
232 Capital Gains and the Economic Theory of Corporate Finance. 09/01/1978
120 Rate of Return Regulation and Factor Bias in Innovations. 04/01/1976
79 The Ownership and Valuation of Professional Sports Franchises. 04/01/1975
1 On the Economic Theory of Professional Sports League.
4 Qualitative Economics & Competitive Equilibrium.
13 Hicksian Stability and Walras' Law.
17 A Class of Generalized Metzlerian Matrices.
23 An Economic Analysis of Team Movements in Professional Sports.
38 Factor Bias and Innovations: A Microeconomic Approach.
54 Stadium Capacities and Attendance in Professional Sports.
60 The Market for Innovation.
67 On Comparative Dynamics.
157 Appropriative Water Rights and the Efficient Allocation of Resources.
175 The Turnkey Era in Nuclear Power: A Case Study in Risk-Sharing Arrangements Involving Regulated Firms.
227 The Theory of the Dam: An Application to the Colorado River.