Working Papers by J. Morgan Kousser

# Title Created
127 Priorities in American Behavioral History: Quantitative. 05/30/2013
204 Separate but Not Equal: The Supreme Court's First Decision on Racial Discrimination in Schools. 04/04/2011
177 Progressivism for Middle-Class Whites Only: The Distribution of Taxation and Expenditures for Education in North Carolina, 1880-1910. 01/21/2010
233 Making Separate Equal: The Integration of Black and White School Funds in Kentucky, 1882. 01/21/2010
930 Reapportionment Wars: Party, Race, and Redistricting in California, 1971-1992 08/01/1995
929 Estimating the Partisan Consequences of Redistricting Plans-Simply 06/01/1995
831 Beyond Gingles Influence Districts and the Pragmatic Tradition in Voting Rights Law 01/01/1993
807 Was Memphis's Electoral Structure Adopted or Maintained for a Racially Discriminatory Purpose? 08/01/1992
801 Why Were There Black Schools in the Segregated South? The Exit Explanation Reconsidered 07/01/1992
749 The Voting Rights Act and the Two Reconstructions. 05/01/1991
741 How to Determine Intent: Lessons from L.A. 06/01/1990
703 Common Sense or Commonwealth? The Fence Law and Institutional Change in the Postbellum South. 07/01/1989
581 Toward Total Political History. 12/01/1988
681 Before Plessy, Before Brown: The Development of the Law of Racial Integration in Louisiana and Kansas. 10/01/1988
679 The State of Social Science History in the Late 1980's. 05/01/1988
635 Expert Witnesses and Intent. 04/01/1987
580 Must Historians Regress? An Answer to Lee Benson. 08/01/1985
575 Speculation or Specification? A Note on Flanigan and Zingale. 08/01/1985
519 Voters, Absent and Present: A Review Essay. 03/01/1984
471 Suffrage (original title "Suffrage and Political Participation"). 04/01/1983
453 The Revivalism of Narrative: A Response to Recent Criticisms of Quantitative History. 11/01/1982
349 Dead End: The Development of Nineteenth Century Litigation on Racial Discrimination in Schools. 10/01/1980
322 On Restoring Politics to Political History. 05/01/1980
309 History QUASSHed, 1957-1980. 03/01/1980
69 Consequences of Disfranchisement: Race and Class Discrimination in North Carolina, 1880-1910. 12/01/1974
105 The 'New Political History': A Methodological Critique.
620 The Supremacy of Equal Rights: The Struggle Against Racial Discrimination in Antebellum Massachusetts and the Foundations of the Fourteenth Amendment.
272 Quantitative Social Scientific History.
292 Turnout and Rural Corruption: New York as a Test Case.
417 Log-Linear Analysis of Contingency Tables: An Introduction for Historians with an Application to Thernstrom on the 'Floating Proletariat.
915 <cite>Shaw vs. Reno</cite> and the World of Redistricting and Representation