HSS Congratulates Its New Doctors!

At its 122nd commencement exercises, Caltech awarded PhDs to the following accomplished scholars completing their degrees in the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences:

Yifei Huang

Huang received his PhD after successful defense of his dissertation, Essays in Economic History and Applied Microeconomics, with Rea A. and Lela G. Axline Professor of Business Econoics Jean-Laurent Rosenthal as his advisor. Huang will next join Microsoft Research as a research intern.

Taisuke Imai

After completing his dissertation, Essays in Revealed Preference Theory and Behavioral Economics, with Colin Camerer, Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Economics, as his advisor, Imai joined the Camerer lab in January as a postdoctoral scholar in behavioral and experimental economics. 

Sergio Montero

Montero graduates with his PhD in social science after defending his dissertation, Essays in Econometrics and Political Economy, with J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Economics Matt Shum as his advisor. In the fall, Montero will join the University of Rochester as an assistant professor in political science and (by courtesy) economics.

Samantha Myers

Myers earned her PhD after completing her dissertation, Three Essays on Inequality and Political Economy, with Jean-Laurent Rosenthal as her advisor.

Gideon Nave

Nave completed his graduate studies in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science's program in computation and neural systems, working closely with HSS faculty and students. He successfully defended his dissertation, Mechanisms Underlying Economic Choice, with Colin Camerer as his advisor. In the fall, Nave joins the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School as an assistant professor of marketing. 

Euncheol Shin

Shin graduates with his PhD in social science after completing his dissertation, Essays on Social Networks and Political Economy, with Professor of Economics Leeat Yariv as his advisor. Shin will next join the Korea Development Institute as an associate research fellow.  

Gerelt Tserenjigmid

Tserenjigmid defended his dissertation, Essays in Behavioral Decision Theory, with Professor of Economics Federico Echenique as his advisor. Tserenjigmid will join the Department of Economics at Virginia Tech as an assistant professor this fall.

Qiaoxi (Jackie) Zhang

Zhang graduates after completing her dissertation, Three Essays on Information Economics, with Federico Echenique as her advisor. She plans to continue her research into game theory, applied microeconomic theory, and political economy as a postdoc at the University of Chile.