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Time, Tense, and American Literature: When Is Now?

By Cindy Weinstein, Professor of English; Vice Provost
(Cambridge University Press)

"Cindy Weinstein, our finest contemporary scholar of sentimentalism, makes the temporal turn in Time, Tense, and American Literature, casting time itself as her protagonist. Weinstein charts the heretofore unexplored nonlinear intervals at the heart of the classic American novel, from the work of Charles Brockden Brown to the African American fiction of Edward P. Jones. At a moment in which the humanities themselves are under siege, Time, Tense, and American Literature insists that we reimagine the power of the literary and its use of time, space, and form. Weinstein's book should become required reading for scholars of American literature, the new aesthetics, and historians of the novel who will applaud her provocative, brilliant, and beautifully written achievement."—Julia Stern, Northwestern University


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