Option Representative: Robert P. Sherman

The economics option provides students with an understanding of the basic principles underlying the functioning of economic institutions. It offers a modern and quantitative approach to economics seldom available to undergraduates. The emphasis on economic principles and modern methodology provides students with an excellent preparation for graduate study in economics or for professional study in the fields of business, law, or economics. 

The option is sufficiently flexible that students can combine their pursuit of economics with studies in engineering, mathematics, or science. The core of the option consists of an economic theory component, a data analysis component, an applied microeconomic component, and a macroeconomic/growth component. Students are strongly encouraged to supplement this core with additional electives in economics, political science, and mathematics.

NOTE: The official source on requirements for graduation is the Caltech catalog from the year in which a student began studies at Caltech. Please see the catalog online, from this and previous years, for information regarding the applicable option requirements.