Working Papers by David M. Grether

# Title Created
511 Uncertainty and Shopping Behavior: An Experimental Analysis 11/25/2013
28 Determinants of Real Estate Values. 05/20/2013
214 Continuous-Valued Binary Decision Procedures. 04/08/2011
210 On the Properties of Stable Decision Procedures. 04/04/2011
271 Nonbinary Social Choice: An Impossibility Theorem. 03/11/2010
1253 Sequencing strategies in large, competitive, ascending price automobile auctions: An experimental examination 06/01/2006
1180 Aging and decision making: A comparison between neurologically healthy elderly and young individuals 05/27/2005
1189 Mental Processes & Strategic Equilibration: An fMRI Study of Selling Strategy in Second Price Auctions 06/01/2004
1068 I Know What You Did Last Quarter: Economic Forecasts of Professional Forecasters 08/01/1999
988 Unknown Heterogeneity, the EC-EM Algorithm, and the Large T Approximation 10/01/1996
919 Are People Bayesian? Uncovering Behavioral Strategies 02/01/1995
810 The Preference Reversal Phenomenon: Response Mode, Markets and Incentives 07/01/1993
850 Uncovering Behavioral Strategies: Likelihood-Based Experimental Data Mining 05/01/1993
724 Testing Bayes Rule and the Representativeness Heuristic: Some Experimental Evidence. 04/01/1990
425 Optimal and Nonoptimal Satisficing II: An Experimental Analysis. 08/01/1982
401 Financial Incentive Effects and Individual Decision-making. 09/01/1981
6 Errors in Variables and Serially Correlated Disturbances in Distributed Lag Models.
10 On the Asymptotic Properties of Some Two-Step Procedures for Estimating Distributed Lag Models.
300 Implementation of Democratic Social Choice Functions.
25 On a Class of Rational Social Decision Procedures.
332 A Time Series Model with Qualitative Variables.
27 On the Use of Ordinal Data in Regression Analysis.
350 The Allocation of Landing Rights by Unanimity among Competitors.
48 On the Use of Ordinal Data in Correlation Analysis.
404 The Effects of Market Practices in Oligopolistic Markets: An Experimental Examination of the Ethyl Case.
58 Market Structure and R & D.
80 On Normative Problems of Social Choice.
459 Consumer Choice and Information: New Experimental Evidence on the Information Overload Hypothesis.
82 Recent Psychological Studies of Behavior Under Uncertainty.
123 Two Notes on Distributed Lags, Prediction, and Signal Extraction.
511 Uncertainty and Shopping Behavior: An Experimental Analysis.
124 Some New Impossibility Theorems.
152 Economic Theory of Choice and the Preference Reversal Phenomenon.
163 The Effects of Non-residential Land Uses on the Prices of Adjacent Housing: Some Estimates of Proximity Effects.
245 Bayes Rule as a Descriptive Model: The Representativeness Heuristic.