Working Papers by Charles R. Plott

# Title Created
1432 A Testbed Experiment of a (Smart) Marked Based, Student Transportation Policy: Non Convexities, Coordination, Non Existence 01/11/2018
1435 Tick Size, Price Grids and Market Performance: Stable Matches as a Model of Market Dynamics and Equilibrium 01/08/2018
1429 Manipulation 06/19/2017
1412 Two Information Aggregation Mechanisms for Predicting the Opening Weekend Box Office Revenues of Films: Box Office Prophecy and Guess of Guesses 02/22/2016
1406 Multiple Items, Ascending Price Auctions: An Experimental Examination of Alternative Auction Sequences 04/13/2015
1404 Call Market Experiments: Efficiency and Price Discovery Through Multiple Calls and Emergent Newton Adjustments 02/23/2015
1394 Information Transfer and Aggregation in an Uninformed Committee: A Model for the Selection and Use of Biased Expert Advice 08/25/2014
1389 Mechanism Design with Public Goods: Committee Karate, Cooperative Games and the Control of Social Decisions through Subcommittees 06/26/2014
1383 Public Choice and the Development of Modern Laboratory Experimental Methods in Economics and Political Science 01/23/2014
1384 The Continuous Combinatorial Auction Architecture 01/21/2014
1360 Price controls, non-price quality competition, and the nonexistence of competitive equilibrium 07/11/2013
66 On Using the Agenda to Influence Group Decisions. 05/30/2013
428 Public Goods Provision in an Experimental Environment. 05/30/2013
987 From Non Market Attitudes to Market Behavior: Laboratory Market Experiments in Moscow and the Hvatat Property of Human Behavior 05/20/2013
595 An Experimental Analysis of Public Goods Provision Mechanisms with and without Unanimity. 01/23/2013
1367 A Parimutuel-like Mechanism from Information Aggregation: A Field Test Inside Intel 01/03/2013
1365 Market microstructure design and flash crashes: A simulation approach 12/06/2012
863 EPA's New Emissions Trading Mechanism: A Laboratory Evaluation 09/13/2012
1364 Misconceptions and game form recognition: Challenges to theories of revealed preference and framing (Revised) 09/10/2012
1361 Understanding price controls and non-price competition with matching theory 02/22/2012
446 Intertemporal Speculation with a Random Demand in an Experimental Market. 07/07/2011
346 Committee Decisions under Alternative Procedural Rules: An Experimental Study Applying a New Nonmonetary Method of Preference Inducement. 06/21/2011
331 Efficiency of Experimental Security Markets with Insider Information: An Application of Rational Expectations Models. 06/20/2011
1346 The CMS auction: Experimental studies of a median-bid procurement auction with non-binding bids 04/26/2011
241 The Effect of Intertemporal Speculation on the Outcomes in Seller Posted Offer Auction Markets. 04/13/2011
253 Price Controls and the Behavior of Auction Markets: An Experimental Examination. 04/13/2011
1345 An experimental test of Marchall's basic principle of entry, volume and efficiency seeking market synamics 04/12/2011
281 Pre-meeting Discussions and the Possibility of Coalition-Breaking Procedures in Majority Rule Committees. 04/11/2011
299 Asset Valuation in an Experimental Market. 04/11/2011
223 The Application of Laboratory Experimental Methods to Public Choice. 04/08/2011
1329 Extreme Walrasian Dynamics: The Gale example in the lab 08/10/2010
1330 A reverse auction for toxic assets 08/10/2010
1321 Endowment effect theory, subject misconceptions and enchancement effect theory: A reply to Isoni, Lommes and Sugden 05/04/2010
271 Nonbinary Social Choice: An Impossibility Theorem. 03/11/2010
164 Implications of Rate Filing for Domestic Dry Bulk Transportation on Inland Waters: An Experimental Approach. 01/21/2010
1302 The nature of collusion facilitating and collusion breaking power of simultaneous ascending price and simultaneous descending price auctions 04/01/2009
1297 An internal fuel efficiency credit market mechanism for meeting the CAFE Standard: Internalizing a regulation caused externality 09/01/2008
1276 Principles of continuous price determination in an experimental environment with flows of random arrivals and departures 09/01/2007
1274 The control of game form recognition in experiments: Understanding dominant strategy failures in a simple two person "Guessing" game 08/01/2007
1268 Design improved parimutuel-type information aggregation mechanisms: Inaccuracies & the long-shot bias as disequilibrium phenomena 03/01/2007
1253 Sequencing strategies in large, competitive, ascending price automobile auctions: An experimental examination 06/01/2006
1245 The design and testing of information aggregation mechanisms: A Two-stage parimutuel IAM 12/01/2005
1223 Tacit collusion in auctions and conditions for its facilitation and prevention: Equilibrium selection in laboratory experimental markets 11/01/2005
1240 Congestion at locks on inland waterways: An experimental Testbed of a policy of tradable priority permits for lock access 11/01/2005
1239 Divergence, closed cycles and convergence in scarf environments: Experiments in the dynamics of general equilibrium systems 10/01/2005
1230 Asymmetries in exchange behavior incorrectly interpreted as evidence of prospect theory 07/01/2005
1180 Aging and decision making: A comparison between neurologically healthy elderly and young individuals 05/27/2005
1204 On the Microstructure of Price Determination and Information Aggregation with Sequential and Asymmetric Information Arrival in an Experimental Asset Market 08/01/2004
1189 Mental Processes & Strategic Equilibration: An fMRI Study of Selling Strategy in Second Price Auctions 06/01/2004
1202 Forced information disclosure and the fallacy of transparency in markets 06/01/2004
1188 Production, trade, prices, exchange rates and equilibration in large experimental economies 11/01/2003
1181 Bidders' choice auctions: Raising revenues through the right to choose 08/01/2003
1155 The Simultaneous, Ascending Auction: Dynamics of Price Adjustment in Experiments and in the U.K. 3G Spectrum Auction 07/01/2002
1156 Principles of network development and evolution: An experimental study (formally - Networks: An Experimental Study) 07/01/2002
1137 Asset Bubbles and Rationality: Additional Evidence from Capital Gains Tax Experiments 06/01/2002
1136 Information Aggregation in Double Auctions: Rational Expectations and the Winner's Curse 06/01/2002
1132 The Willingness to Pay/Willingness to Accept Gap, The "Endowment Effect" and Experimental Procedures for Eliciting Valuations 04/01/2002
1131 Information Aggregation Mechanisms: Concept, Design and Implementation for a Sales Forecasting Problem 03/01/2002
1107 The FCC Rules For The 700MHZ Auction: A Potential Disaster 11/01/2000
1072 Keeping an eye on your neighbors: Agents monitoring and sanctioning one another in a common-pool resource environment 10/01/2000
1086 Global Instability in Experimental General Equilibrium: The Scarf Example 03/01/2000
1082 A Smart Market Solution to a Class of Back-Haul Transportation Problems: Concept and Experimental Testbeds 02/01/2000
1070 Basic Principles of Asset Pricing Theory: Evidence From Large-Scale Experimental Financial Markets 01/01/2000
1079 On the Behavioral Foundations of the Law of Supply and Demand: Human Rationality vs. Randomness 12/01/1999
1067 Market Stability: Backward Bending Supply in a Laboratory Experimental Market 08/01/1999
1060 Information Aggregation in Experimental Asset Markets: Traps and Misaligned Beliefs 04/01/1999
1051 Information Cascades: Replication and an Extension to Majority Rule and Conformity Rewarding Institutions 12/01/1998
1061 Markets for Contracts: Experiments Exploring the Compatability of Games and Markets for Games 09/01/1998
1032 Price Discovery in Financial Markets: The Case of the CAPM 03/01/1998
1025 An Experimental Analysis of the Structure of Legal Fees: American Rule vs. English Rule 11/01/1997
986 Parimutuel Betting Markets as Information Aggregation Devises: Experimental Results 04/01/1997
957 Laboratory Experimental Testbeds: Application to the PCS Auction 05/01/1996
941 Local Telephone Exchanges, Regulation and Entry 11/01/1995
909 Exchange Economies and Loss Exposure: Experiments Exploring Prospect Theory and Competitive Equilibria in Market Environments 08/01/1995
908 The Principles of Exchange Rate Determination in an International Finance Experiment 01/01/1995
906 Costly Offers and the Equilibration Properties of the Multiple Unit Double Auction Under Conditions of Unpredictable Shifts of Demand and Supply 10/01/1994
842 General Equilibrium, Macroeconomics and Money in a Laboratory Experimental Environment 03/01/1994
773 Economies of Scale, Natural Monopoly and Imperfect Competition in an Experimental Market. 02/01/1994
862 Rational Individual Behavior in Markets and Social Choice Processes 12/01/1993
816 Instability of Equilibria in Experimental Markets: Upward-Sloping Demands, Externalities, and Fad-Like Incentives 10/01/1992
771 On the Anatomy of the Nonfacilitating Features of the Double Auction Institution in Conspiratorial Markets. 03/01/1992
783 A Computerized Laboratory Market System and Research Support Systems for the Multiple Unit Double Auction. [replaces working paper 676] 11/01/1991
758 Will Economics Become an Experimental Science? 12/01/1990
704 An Experiment With Space-Station Pricing Policies. 03/01/1990
676 Multiple Unit Double Auction User's Manual. [replaced by WP 783] 09/01/1989
699 The Winner's Curse: Experiments with Buyers and with Sellers. 05/01/1989
625 Multiple Unit Double Auction. 01/01/1989
684 Private R&D and Second Sourcing in Procurement: An Experimental Study. 10/01/1988
634 Inflation and Expectations in Experimental Markets. 12/01/1987
518 Product Quality, Informational Efficiency and Regulations in Experimental Markets. 03/01/1984
457 A Comparative Analysis of Direct Democracy, Two Candidate Elections, and Three Candidate Elections in an Experimental Environment. 11/01/1982
352 Toward a Theory of Professional Diagnosis and Service: Consumer Behavior. 09/01/1980
280 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: Dynamic Theories and Experimental Results. 09/01/1979
166 The Stingy Shift Explained as a Majority Rule Equilibrium. 06/01/1977
110 Transcript of a Five-Member Committee Experiment. 01/01/1976
35 On Game Solutions and Revealed Preference Theory. 02/01/1974
5 Rationality and Relevance in Social Choice Theory. 08/01/1971
2 Social Choice and Social Rationality.
313 Competitive Equilibrium with Middlemen: An Empirical Study.
597 Laboratory Experiments in Economics: The Implications of Posted-Price Institutions.
799 An Experimental Investigation of the Patterns of International Trade.
3 The Relevance of Social Choice Theory to Models of Economic Policy.
598 Rational Choice in Experimental Markets.
167 Communication and Agenda Influence: The Chocolate Pizza Design.
14 Individual Choice When Objects Have 'Ordinal' Properties.
180 Externalities and Corrective Policies in Experimental Markets.
350 The Allocation of Landing Rights by Unanimity among Competitors.
15 The Technology of Public Goods, Externalities, and the Exclusion Principle.
181 Cooperative Game Models of the Influence of the Closed Rule in Three Person, Majority Rule Committees: Theory and Experiment.
650 A Study of Zero-Out Auctions: Testbed Experiments of a Process of Allocating Private Rights to the Use of Public Property.
388 Theories of Industrial Organization as Explanations of Experimental Market Behavior.
866 Market Architectures, Institutional Landscapes and Testbed Experiments
49 A Review of Decision Theoretic Literature with Implications Regarding Governmental Research and Development Policies.
234 Revenue Generating Properties of Sealed-Bid Auctions: An Experimental Analysis of One-Price and Discriminative Processes.
404 The Effects of Market Practices in Oligopolistic Markets: An Experimental Examination of the Ethyl Case.
683 Marshallian VS. Walrasian Stability in an Experimental Market.
867 The Groves-Ledyard Mechanism: An Experimental Study of Institutional Design
405 Industrial Organization Theory and Experimental Economics.
887 A Binary Conflict Ascending Price (BICAP) Mechanism for the Decentralized Allocation of the Right to Use Railroad Tracks
83 An Experimental Examination of Two Exchange Institutions.
691 An Experimental Examination of the Simultaneous Determination of Input Prices and Output Prices.
87 Intertemporal Competitive Equilibrium: An Empirical Study of Speculation.
255 The Opportunity for Conspiracy in Restraint of Trade: An Experimental Study.
101 Committee Decisions Under Majority Rule: An Experimental Study.
269 Professional Diagnosis Versus Self Diagnosis: An Experimental Examination of Some Special Features of Markets with Uncertainty.
447 Product Quality Signaling in Experimental Markets.
746 Competitive Equilibria in Overlapping Generations Experiments.
911 Intertemporal Speculation Under Uncertain Future Demand: Experimental Results
116 Axiomatic Social Choice Theory: An Overview and Interpretation.
463 Rational Expectations and the Aggregation of Diverse Information in Laboratory Security Markets.
143 A Model of Agenda Influence on Committee Decisions.
151 Agenda Influence and Its Implications.
298 Experimental Methods in Political Economy: A Tool for Regulatory Research.
569 Dimensions of Parallelism: Some Policy Applications of Experimental Methods.
774 Nonlinear Behavior in Sealed Bid First Price Auctions.
152 Economic Theory of Choice and the Preference Reversal Phenomenon.