Working Papers by Bruce E. Cain

# Title Created
265 The House Is Not a Home: M.P.'s and Their Constituencies. 05/04/2011
170 A Comparison of Party Identification in Great Britain and the United States. 01/21/2010
686 Strategy and Choice in the 1988 Presidential Primaries. 11/01/1988
687 The Evolution of Partisanship Among Immigrants. 10/01/1988
646 Madison's Theory of Representation. 06/01/1987
647 Political Participation of Ethnic Minorities in the 1980s. 06/01/1987
639 Predicting Partisan Redistricting Disputes. 05/01/1987
531 The Efficacy of Registration Drives. 06/01/1984
491 Assessing the Partisan Effects of Redistricting. 09/01/1983
492 Ethnicity and Electoral Choice: Mexican-American Voting Behavior in the California 30th Congressional District. 09/01/1983
475 The Images of Incumbents in Great Britain and the United States. 04/01/1983
441 Implementing Representation: A Framework and Two Comparisons. 09/01/1982
359 Casework Service in Great Britain and the United States. 11/01/1980
347 Blessed Be the Tie that Unbinds: Constituency Pressures and National Party Forces in Great Britain. 09/01/1980
323 A Constituency M. P. and His Local Community: A Case Study. 06/01/1980
288 The Roots of Legislator Popularity in Great Britain and the United States. 10/01/1979
140 Dynamic and Static Components of Political Support in Britain.
148 Strategic Voting in Britain.
171 Trends in British Party Politics. (pub. title "Challenges and responses in British party politics")
439 The Constituency Service Basis of the Personal Vote for U.S. Representatives and British MPs.