Recruitment Prerequisites

Applicants must...

  • Be current Caltech undergraduate and graduate students who will return to Caltech the following year
    • Ideally sophomores and juniors
  • Have an outstanding academic background
  • Have basic Japanese language capability
    • Approximately two years of Japanese courses at Caltech

JIP Application Process and Forms

1. Preliminary Application // Deadline: Friday, October 20, 2017

(a) Preliminary application form (available online), complete it, and submit via email or print
a hardcopy

2. Supplemental Materials // Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2017

(b) Resume (with your birth date and nationality)
(c) Transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
(d) List of classes taken to date at Caltech, including current (and future) for this school year
(e) Recommendation letter from an advisor

Graduate Students Only:

(a) Japanese language requirement may be waived
(b) An advisor's agreement (allowing your participation in the program) must be submitted as an application to the program
(c) Obtain a letter of recommendation from the Dean of Graduate Studies on official letterhead

Submit application packet and recommendation letter to or mail to:

Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences
1200 E. California Blvd.
Mail Code 101-40
Pasadena, CA, 91125

We strongly recommend you start working on your resume immediately.

  • The Career Development Center is available to review your resumes.
  • Refer to the sample resume provided at the Japan Info Seminar as a start.
  • Draft your resume, then go to the CDC.
    • Staff members will provide you with feedback and finishing touches.

Download your Unofficial Transcript online through REGIS

List of classes taken at Caltech, including those you plan to take through spring 2018

  • Include your name and option at the top of the page.
  • List all classes you've taken at Caltech to date (include your current classes).
  • Also include what you expect to enroll in for the remainder of the year - Winter/Spring 2018 (we understand plans may change).

Recommendation letter from an advisor

  • Ask your advisor if they are able to write you a letter of recommendation.
  • Make sure to give your advisor at least two weeks' notice before the deadline.
  • Recommendations are important—if you wait until the last minute to ask for one, your advisor might be disgruntled while writing it, which won't work in your favor.

3. Campus Interviews: Mid-November

4. Intern applications sent to companies in Japan: November

(a) Application letter
(b) Revised resume
(c) List of courses

5. When offered an internship from a company:

(a) Acceptance letter (You cannot reject the internship once you have accepted.)
(b) Apply for or check your passport to ensure it is valid and will be for travel through 2018
(c) VISA application to the US Consulate
(d) Confirmation of intern responsibilities at company
(e) Travel plans