Job Market Candidates

Graduate Students

Nicholas Adams-Cohen

PhD Candidate

Advisors: R. Michael Alvarez, Jonathan Katz, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, and Marina Agranov
Job Market Paper: Words and Weapons: Analyzing Reactions to Gun Violence with a Social Media Panel

Hamed Hamze Bajgiran
PhD Candidate

Advisors: Frederico Echenique, Jaksa Cvitanic, Kota Saito, and Bob Sherman
Job Market Paper: A Theory of Weighted Average Aggregation

Hao Zhao

PhD Candidate

Advisors: Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Matt Shum, John Ledyard, and Michael Ewens
Job Market Paper: Solving the Common-Pool Resource Problem Using Markets? -- A Study of Surface Water Trading and Groundwater Depletion in California

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