Job Market Candidates

Graduate Students

Seo-young Silvia Kim

PhD Candidate

Advisors: Jonathan N. Katz, R. Michael Alvarez, Michael Gibilisco, Matthew Shum
Job Market Paper: Getting Settled in Your New Home: The Costs of Moving on Voter Turnout

Vadim Martynov
PhD Candidate

Advisors: Omer Tamuz, Federico Echenique, Jaksa Cvitanic, and Luciano Pomatto
Job Market Paper: Weak and Strong Ties in Social Networks

Alejandro Robinson-Cortés

PhD Candidate

Advisors: Matt Shum, Federico Echenique, Leeat Yariv, and Charlie Plott
Job Market Paper: Who Gets Placed Where and Why? An Empirical Framework for Foster Care Placement
Email: alejandro@​

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